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  Shenzhen ABOT Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd is and OEM & ODM based manufacturer who has been focusing on voltage stabilizer/regulator, transformer, UPS and frequency converter over 11 years. Our core competence is our experienced R&D team and sound quality management system ISO9001 approved, which enable us provide customer high quality products at reasonable price.
  ABOT has established long-terms of cooperative relationship with Swiss Bystronic laser, Japan Hitachi, Philip, Germany TRUMPF laser, American Flextronics, China ZTE Telecom, BYD Auto, etc. Benefit from quality products & service, ABOT has made its presence felt in various segments like Textile, Telecom, Engineering & Automobile, Printing, Packaging, Medical, Analytical, Audio/Video, IT, Granite, etc.
  The goal of ABOT is provide high quality product to ensure a stable power environment for customers. In the future, ABOT will keep forging ahead to get better market share and feedback.