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Solar Inverter

MP Series Solar Inverter

MP series off grid solar inverter is integrated with a MPPT solar charge controller, a high frequency pure sine wave inverter and a UPS function module in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications. 
MP series inverter is available for motoring access. Customer can monitor the PV system on web or cellphone anytime anywhere.

    Product Features
    - Rated power 2KW to 5KW
    - MPPT solar charge controller to maximize the solar output
    - High frequency inverter with small size and light weight
    - Pure sine wave AC output 
    - Overload, short circuit and deep discharge protection
    - Configurable AC/ solar input priority via LCD setting
    - Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
    - WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring (optional)
    - Parallel operation for Sunicorn MHP 4KW/5KW

    Product Details


    1. LCD Display

    2. Status indicator

    3. Charging indicator

    4. Fault display

    5. Function buttons


    6. AC input                  
    7. WiFi/GPRS communication port
    8. USB port                  
    9. Dry contact                            

    10. PV input                 
    11. Power on/off switch           

    12. Battery input    

    13. Parallel communication ports (only for parallel model)
    14. Current sharing ports (only for parallel model)
    15. AC output              
    16. Circuit breaker

    System Connection

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