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Voltage Stabilizer Regulator

SVC Series Servo Stabilizer

Type: Servo Motor Type
Input Voltage: 304V-456V Three Phase; 176V-264V Single Phase; Or Custom
Output Voltage: 380V Three Phase; 220V Single Phase; Or Custom
Phase: Three Phase or Single Phase
Capacity: 500VA-1000KVA
Color: Light Gray
    SVC series single and three phase full automatic AC voltage regulator is made of contact type auto regulator, servo motor and auto controlled circuit. When the voltage is unstable or load changes, the auto control system will send signal to start servo motor, to let output voltage adjust to rated value and stabilize the voltage.
    Due to its stable working performance and high cost-efficient feature, it is widely used in CNC machine, precision machinery and equipment, laser machinery, printing Equipment, etc

    •  Servo Motor Controlled, high load ability
    •  Full Automatic Stabilizer
    •  Wide Input Voltage Range
    •  With Fan For Air Cooling 
    •  Quick Response to Voltage Fluctuations
    •  High Efficiency
    •  Meter Board or LCD Display are Available 
    •  With Compensation Transformer 
    •  Full Protections


    Servo motor control system

    Input Voltage

    Three Phase: 380V±20%
    Single Phsae:220V±20%
     or customized

    Output Voltage

    Three Phase: 380V±2%
    Single Phsae:220V±2%
     or customized


    Three Phase/ Single Phase



    Response Time

    <1 sec.(against 10% input voltage deviation)





    Power Factor


    Waveform Distortion 

    No additional waveform distortion 

    Insulation Level

    Level H, 180

    Ambient Temperature


    Relative Humidity

    0~90%, Non-condensing

    Cooling Method

    Forced ventilation (Fan) 

    - Dimensions and weight subject to change without notice
    - Custom-made specifications are acceptable
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